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The Best Kids Dance Classes

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The best kids dance classes.

Tapping toes, cute ruffled costumes and a throng of young performers having a great time: it doesn’t get better than that when it comes to kids dance classes in Cincinnati. The Judy Link School of Dance and Baton has created an incredible space of fun and expression for children, teens and even adults through dance and a dedication to the community. If you’re looking for kids dance classes in Cincinnati, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Our lessons are not only engaging, but provide amazing physical activity and an atmosphere of belonging and togetherness. What’s more, our classes actually enhance dance in a way that promotes health, social interaction and even emotional well-being. In other words, these aren’t your average kids dance classes in Cincinnati.

If you’re thinking that you may be too old to join in on the fun or perhaps don’t know how to dance, you can stop worrying. As a matter of fact, Judy Link’s School of Dance and Baton is open to children and adults, boys and girls of all ages, levels and skill sets. Yes really! Beyond just kids dance classes in Cincinnati, we’ve got something for everyone!

Our kids dance classes in Cincinnati include performance across the following categories:

* Baton

* Pom

* Ballet

* Tap

* Hip-hop

* Jazz

* So much more!

We succeed where most kids dance classes in Cincinnati fall short, and that’s in providing a fun, instructive and highly social experience that dives into the heart of music, movement and person-to-person interaction. If you want the best form of social engagement for your kids, what better way than to get them involved with the community through dance performance? Pass on by Monday thru Friday during normal business hours and see our wonderful children’s ballet or Tap among other styles.

Kids Dance Classes – The Way to Improve Health and Social Skills

There are a million and one influences that get kids hooked on asocial activities, such as TV, smartphones, iPad, etc. For that reason, it has become more important than ever to increase participation in social, community-centric physical activities. What better way to promote balanced social development than through kids dance classes right here in Cincinnati? We couldn’t think of a better way either!

Dance isn’t only fun, but it can actually enhance health and well-being. According to the Harvard Mahoney Neuroscience Institute, between cycling, tennis, golf, swimming and dance activities, dance was the only one that markedly reduced the risk of dementia! That’s right. Not merely exercise, but specifically rhythmic movement that comes from dance produces an even greater benefit from our body’s reward mechanism. That makes you really lucky for having access to our amazing kids dance classes! To put it differently, the reason dance is better than mere exercise is because it provides physical movement along with mental effort and social interaction. Basically, the interaction of those things improves memory, cognition, mood and can help with some pretty major health problems. Just imagine what our amazing kids dance classes in Cincinnati could do for you! Seriously, we couldn’t make that up even if we tried.

The beat kids dance classes (continued)

If that isn’t enough, dance has also been shown to improve confidence, sociability, and of course, physical fitness. There’s really no better way to receive all of these benefits than with our extremely fun offering of kids dance classes. This isn’t just an after-school activity, but an investment in our children, and in making better people better versions of themselves.

There are countless other benefits to dance owing to its deeply social aspect. The freedom of movement, group participation, and public performance come together in an important way to improve things like self esteem, sociability and communication skills.

There’s really no shortage of studies that show the importance of physical activity when it comes to child development. Judy’s fun and informative dance lessons keep in line with such principles. That taken with life-loving positivity and a passion to teach, makes our kids dance lessons in Cincinnati an incredible way to participate in culture and sport at the same time. With a world class instructor that is passionate about helping kids and guiding them through the technical components of performance, Judy Link has become to the go-to place for kids dance classes.

Great the kids!

Is there really any better investment you can make than in your children? We didn’t think so! Our kids dance classes will exceed all your expectations! If you’re looking to introduce your child or teen to a truly positive activity, then a mix of music, fun and socialization will serve as a very powerful vehicle to a healthier and happier state of well-being. Kids need to speak with real humans; they need to to get their blood circulating, and they need to laugh and learn together. Our amazing kids dance classes in Cincinnati is where all of those wonderful things happen.

We live and breathe all-things dance at Judy Link’s School of Dance and Baton, and so we know just how much of a positive impact this simple activity can have when done right. Kids need to speak with real humans; they need to to get their blood circulating, and they need to laugh and learn together. Come on in and join our family! We’d love to share with your our fun and engaging kids dance classes.

Success stories from Judy Links dance classes

We receive many stories from so many customers about how an activity as simple as dance has completely improved their child or teens performance at school and home.

Judy Link’s School of Dance and Baton isn’t about business; it’s about people. These are supercharged sessions of literally the best kind of kids dance classes. Moreover, we’re always looking for new ways to engage kids and even parents in fun events together. Judy isn’t just an instructor, but an active participant in the community, bringing her students to parades, local fairs and events of all kinds. Call now and experience Judy Link’s one-and-only kids dance classes in Cincinnati.